Dr. Joseph Goins

joseph goins

Dr. Joseph L. Goins’s career began as a vocational educator in Tennessee, where he had the opportunity to develop the foundational skills program for learners with the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) System.  He was nominated for “Teacher of the Year” within the TBR system in 1995 and helped develop the first occupational profiles for the work-ready credential for 26 Technical and 14 Community Colleges. Additionally, Joseph developed a statewide primary skills/mathematics curriculum focused on career pathways that were systematically adopted for all programs in Tennessee. He received a BS in Mathematics Education from Berea College in Kentucky and an MS in Administration and Supervision from the University of Tennessee. He completed his EdD from Vanderbilt University in Educational Leadership and Policy.

For much of Joseph’s 30+ year career, he has focused on education and custom solutions in the ED TECH industry. His career has brought him a deep understanding of integrating technology into the classroom through resources that promote student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and leadership strategies for administrators. He has led sales, marketing, and professional development efforts in all US and international markets. Joseph has developed a stellar track record of increasing market share, profitability, and the development of product offerings while at the same time focusing on the needs of learners and educators.

Dr. Goins is the CEO of an action-based research company, NS4ed, which works closely with policy leaders, companies, schools, teachers, and educators alike to understand applying best practices and research into practice. NS4ed is committed to excellence in education, research, equity, and inclusion because Joseph practices and lives by those same principles. This is also evident in that NS4ed is devoted to giving back to the communities it serves. Joseph works with schools across the country, helping them identify the best solution that fits their culture, region, needs, and, ultimately, valuable solutions that allow learners to be successful.  NS4ed developed the Pathway2Careers model that embodies the Career-Connected Learning approach.