WIOA + Perkins V Management

Harnessing labor market data to mobilize collective action and system alignment.​

Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) ​ for Perkins V

Perkins V sets schools and post-secondary institutions up for success with the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment. ​
  • Distill Labor Market Data for educators​
  • Invite robust, cross-sector stakeholder engagement and shared decision-making​
  • Generate innovative and clear solutions and launch new partnerships

Collect & Report Labor Market Data

Establish an online portal for collecting and reporting data as required by the US Departments of Education and Labor: ​
  • Size, Scope & Quality of Programs ​
  • Labor Market Alignment ​
  • CTE Program/Programs of Study Implementation ​
  • Faculty/Staff Recruitment, Retention and Training ​
  • Improving Equitable Access

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Requirements​

The WIOA planning process can be an engaging, visionary exercise that optimizes impact, solidifies and expands the circle of core partners, and positions the workforce board and workforce system as a key contributor to the economic prospects of the region. In a consolidated approach, we will:

  • Convene core partners
  • Facilitate and solicit input
  • Synthesize information into a local plan
  • Prepare the WIOA plan and updates
  • Construct and moderate a continuous improvement plan

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