Workforce & Economic Development

It takes a village to build a workforce.​

No matter where in the talent development pipeline an organization finds itself, we are perfectly positioned to ensure all partners are united in their respective efforts to achieve maximum results on behalf of those they serve.​

Building the Pipeline​

Develop the Education-to-Workforce pipeline.
  • Local Schools + Community Colleges​​
  • Workforce Boards​​
  • Chambers of Commerce​​
  • Mission-Related Nonprofits and Foundations​​
  • Local Governments​
  • Large Employers​

Labor Market Analysis​

Provide insights into the demand for and supply of labor.
  • Industry Landscape and Profiles​​
  • Local, Regional, and State Labor Market Analyses​​
  • Industry sector profiles, strategy, and partnerships​​
  • Employer survey design, development, and analysis​​
  • Program demand evaluations​


Create a collaborative environment and data-informed conversation to bring forth the collective wisdom of stakeholders.​
  • Facilitation of stakeholder groups to inform and write four-year WIOA plans and updates​​
  • Virtual local and state workforce board meeting facilitation and documentation​​
  • Educator professional development​​
  • College advisory council briefings and technical assistance​​

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